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Booking Our New Mazda 5

Considering the entry level prices of new cars in Singapore at $110,000+ which have a lifetime of only 10 years, it is not an easy choice to go for a car. 

I am driving a Hyundai happily for the past 6 years, which meets my day to day travel needs. Its a simple and beautiful car. But I have been thinking of upgrading my car. Looking at the cost of cars, MPVs offer the most value for a family.

I think an ideal MPV should offer 7 seater capacity, sliding doors, rear aircon (most important), 2000 cc engine to roar at max load, and comfortable leg room in every row. Sunroof is a big plus for the kids, other features like reverse cam/ navigation/ cruise control/ lane assist/ memory functions for mirrors & seats - are certainly good to have but not a necessity for me.

I have been scanning the market for some time, and I see Mazda 5 offering the most features at the best value - as compared to other cars today. It meets all my (above) needs with a sunroof, reverse cam, navigation, and an all-leather black interior.

I have been in touch with Mazda (Ubi showroom), and Jack is keeping me updated on the price movements. He is a good car salesman, a person you feel comfortable dealing with just like a friend. He gives me what I need, and does not try to hard-sell it. His conversations helps me rationalize my thoughts about other models.

I walk into the showroom with my family, and Jack is waiting at the entrance to greet all of us. During the test drive, his feedback helps me validate my silent thoughts about the car and other models like Biante, Mazda 6, etc. The test drive goes smooth - the car is powerful, turns gracefully for its size, and handling is amazing. Everyone is already in love with the car, and the kids are busy chasing Uncle Jack for their free flow of drinks and biscuits. Next we sit down to work out the financials, and Jack helps me through the documents. Jack also offers me the a good trade-in value for my old car, which makes it easier for me to make this choice.

So here I am at Mazda Ubi, booking our new Mazda 5.