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Booking Our New Mazda 5

Considering the entry level prices of new cars in Singapore at $110,000+ which have a lifetime of only 10 years, it is not an easy choice to go for a car. 
I am driving a Hyundai happily for the past 6 years, which meets my day to day travel needs. Its a simple and beautiful car. But I have been thinking of upgrading my car. Looking at the cost of cars, MPVs offer the most value for a family.
I think an ideal MPV should offer 7 seater capacity, sliding doors, rear aircon (most important), 2000 cc engine to roar at max load, and comfortable leg room in every row. Sunroof is a big plus for the kids, other features like reverse cam/ navigation/ cruise control/ lane assist/ memory functions for mirrors & seats - are certainly good to have but not a necessity for me.
I have been scanning the market for some time, and I see Mazda 5 offering the most features at the best value - as compared to other cars today. It meets all my (above) needs with a sunroof, reverse cam, navigation, and a…

Eid Al Adha 2017

Wish you a happy Eid Al Adha.
Here are some pictures from the morning prayers at Yusuf Ishaq Mosque, in Woodlands.