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War Remnants Museum Vietnam

The image of "Napalm Girl" is the reason my journey to Vietnam begins.
It connects, it speaks, it draws me closer every time I read about it - few years later I see my reflection in it's huge frame (look closer).
This image won the Pulitzer Prize (1972) and World Press Award (1973) for photo-journalism. It captures the moment a 9 year old girl emerges from Napalm bomb attack. Burning skin, shocked child, oblivious US military men - her name is Phan Thị Kim Phúc Oont. She is the living face of the US war crimes in Vietnam, that never stops haunting.
Half a million visitors walk in each year. This is not a tourist attraction, period. Its a walk back in time. A truth, shown with pictures, international news articles and real war artifacts - one that media or modern history does not tell. Its an illustrated history of US War Crimes.
Chinook CH-47

A-1 Skyraider

Bell UH1 'Huey' Helicopter - A defeated US helicopter sits near the entrance. Vietnam War was the 1st time helicopters were outfitted with such machine guns, called "door gunners".
M1919A4 .30 Caliber Machine Guns - mounted on helicopters

Worn-out tracks of a US tank.

Array of US bombs

M.132 A1 Flame Thrower

A-1 Skyraider

River Patrol Boat - with mounted MG
Cross-hair of the Machine Gun mounted on River Patrol Boat

F-111 Bomber

Caterpillar D7E Bulldozer

M107 175mm Self-Propelled Gun

An extract from the international forum.
BLU-82 Seismic Bomb - one of the largest conventional bombs, it flattens a entire section of the forest for a helicopter landing zone. It was a desperate attempt by US, used in last days of Vietnam War.

O-1E Spotter Plane

M-48 Patton tank

Chinook CH-47 - a dusty abandoned cockpit.

55 mm Howitzer

Display of guns and ammo used by soldiers

Artillery Shells
Exploded Artillery Shells
Actual Images of the Site, tracing the Exploded Shells to the aftermath of US attack

War Crimes of US Senator Bob Kerrey - he confessed in 2001.
Each of the 6 floors has detailed illustrations.
US Military Crimes Against Humanity

A young Vietnamese mother wades the waters for the safety of her 4 children

A US war-criminal, with Vietnamese skull. The front missing-teeth still speak of the torture.
In the words of Ho Chin Minh, "You can kill ten of my men for every one I kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and I will win."
Vietnam is a developing and peaceful nation today, emerging much stronger.

War is never a solution. US lost in Vietnam, is still losing the mindless wars it is waging/instigating across the globe. No victory can come by destroying a country, a civilization, and its innocent people.