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Visiting Indore July 2017

Here are some pics from my visit to Indore (hometown in India) in July 2017.

Mummy enjoying her favourite Mango flavoured ice-cream.

Nasira Baji (my eldest sister), Daddy and Mummy - a casual lunch at home. Nasira Baji is an excellent chef.

Mummy and Daddy enjoying Nasira Baji's cooking.

Daddy, Mummy and Me.

Nasira Baji (elder sis), Mummy and Daddy - visiting relatives.

Stopped by at an outdoor ice-cream shop after dinner.

Mummy and Nasira Baji (eldest sister) with Aunts.

Asif Uncle (Mummy's brother) and Mummy - visiting at his residence.

Osaf Uncle (Mummy's brother) and Mummy.

Visiting Iram's (family-friend's) home - Zain (my nephew), Khurram (Iram's bro), Aunty (Iram's mummy), Nasira Baji, Mummy and Daddy. Enjoying the Haleem dish prepared by Khurram's wife.

Nasira Baji - all smiles :)

Mummy and Nasira Baji.

Daddy, Mummy, Nasira Baji, Zain (my nephew).

Daddy, Mummy, Nasira Baji, and me.