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First Blood - AK47 Live Firing Range

"Its gonna be loud, but don't drop the DSLR (camera)" I say to a lady standing behind me at the live firing range, as I hand her my camera for taking a few snaps. She nods, grabs the heavy camera carefully - but occasionally flinches to the sound of weapons.
A tight grip, target aligned, controlled breathing - and a squeeze of the trigger shatters the momentary silence..Bang! A brief near-proximity flash fills the eye, as each cartridge exits the muzzle. Two more rounds and I  taste the gunpower in my mouth. Every recoil tightens my shoulder, and soon the instructor pauses me to switch the magazine. Reload, and we go again.
I love the raw feeling, without glasses and gloves. If I had my way I would have done it without the earplugs. Just as the Viet Congs used to fire in these jungles.
My purpose today is not to fire for thrill, but to experience the depths of Vietnam War. What does it feel like pulling the trigger? What do you do when you are in the cross-hair. The answer is AK47.
AK47 was the weapon of choice for Viet Congs defending their lands across the trenches of Saigon. This Russian beauty, also known as Kalashnikov is a formidable weapon. Seven decades after it was first hammered out of the factory, it is still the most popular weapon on the field. Its selective firing mechanism (semi-auto and automatic), and near perfect reliability in the most harsh conditions - was the perfect choice of Viet Congs.