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Yusuf Ishak Mosque

Here are the pics of our new Mosque in Woodlands - Masjid Yusuf Ishak.

Named after the late 1st president of Singapore, it is the 69th Mosque in Singapore. It is (being) built at a budget of $15 million, on a 2,500 sqm site, and accommodates up to 4,200 worshipers. It is considered among the bigger Mosques in Singapore. Construction is set to complete by Dec 2016 (in about a month).

Front View of the Mosque

Crescent and Star, mounted on the traditional Malay styled Minaret.

Minaret, blending the beautiful Malay heritage in design


                     Rear view

Closer look (art-work still under wraps)

Front Grandeur

A happy worker (with a shy one)

 Sign boards for directions inside the Mosque
(snapped with a long zoom, as construction is ongoing)

 Lush view of the terrain, in front of the Mosque

View of Woodlands residential blocks, as seen from the Mosque

  Sign-board showing new 'Woodlands South' mrt (subway) station, set to open in 2019

This is the 32nd Mosque funded by the Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF). In Singapore, every working Muslim contributes to the Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund, including citizens, residents and foreign workers. Their monthly contribution ranges from $2 to $26, depending on the salary. If you are in Singapore and keen contribute to MBMF, please visit their website and directly approach them at

Mosque, as seen from the vicinity of our LaCasa condominium. It's a 10 to 15 minute walk from our LaCasa Condominium. This is the 2nd Mosque in Woodlands, after An-Nur Mosque at Admiralty Road. 

 Walkway (pavement) from our LaCasa condominium to the Mosque



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