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My Nikon D7200 DSLR

It was only a matter of time, that I had to get my own DSLR. Nikon D7200 with the 18mm-140mm lens was my obvious choice.
I have been using this camera model for over an year, renting it along with the Studio - for model and product shoots. It's really a professional grade cam, and brings every conceivable function for photography, at your finger-tips. The built in WiFi and NFC makes image sharing a pleasure. As for post-shoot processing, Photoshop touch up is so smooth due to its high pixel resolution and rich photo quality.

AF-S Nikorr 18-140mm G lens with VR

The choice of lens is a very tricky one. Artistically - it defines your style of photography and practically - how you intend to use it. I was originally for the Nikorr 50mm AF-S 1.8G Prime lens. But, after doing some research I found that 18-140mm AF-S VR is a more versatile lens, with a brilliant zoom. Moreover, the 18-140mm package price with the kit just sweetens the deal (saves me upto $300). So, that's my choice.
Freebies include a Herringbone Leather case, dry box and $50 Takashimaya shopping voucher.

UV filter recommended by the photographer, to protect the lens. He helped me select a better quality (made in Japan). Amazingly, the quality is brilliant when compared with the cheaper ones.

Thought of getting the Leather Nikon handgrip, but felt this necksling suits my (large) palm size better. I prefer to roll the sling on my right arm and shoot.

A word of caution before buying in Singapore. There is an Official Market (direct from Nikon authorised distributors with warranty) and a Grey Market (imported sets from other countries sold w/o warranty). 
So what does it mean to a buyer? Products from Grey Market are also original Nikon, they are cheaper (as your seller who actually imported it from other countries knows the tricks to beat the 7%GST) and it does not come with warranty (that's the catch). If you are a tourist, intend to buy from Singapore and use in your own country - Grey Market is a good deal for you. 
However, for anyone buying and using in Singapore - go for the official distributors listed at Nikon Singapore's website. The easiest way to verify is the warranty card printed in English, with the Serial Nunber of your camera body, and the receipt from the authorised distributor.
The free case is spacious enough to carry 2 lenses and bundle 2 phones and a wallet with car keys in it..just nice for me.