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LaCasa 2016

Its been 8 beautiful years at LaCasa, our home in Singapore. 

From the moment we first stepped at LaCasa, to carrying my first child in the warm sun by the pool in the early mornings, to see both my kids running around  around the lobby - I hardly miss a beat without counting our blessings.

The truth is any property can be a house, but to make a house into a home - it takes a commitment. An unwavering and unflustered belief that I am here to plant the seeds of success for my family & kids. The shared memories we build during the process at our home, do they become a memory of the past, or the childhood my kids will recall when telling their stories, or my only source of (emotional) strength when I age, I often wonder. But that's the part of the journey, and we should not confuse it for a destination. This is for 8 beautiful years of the journey, our Home, LaCasa.