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Coz Sunglasses Are Too Mainstream

Coz sunglasses are too mainstream.

Victory For Privacy

With Gawker Media filing for bankruptcy protection - a gossip story has recently turned into a big win for Privacy.

When wrestler Hulk Hogan filed a lawsuit against gossip media group Gawker Media over his leaked sex-tape, it was still a gossip. Then came a revelation that Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel was funding some of his legal costs. As Hulk Hogan won the $140m lawsuit and Peter Thiel admitted that he was financially covering some of the legal costs - a serious and shadow war for "Privacy vs Freedom of Speech" became clear.
Background: Gawker Media was launched in 2003 and incorporated in 2012, as an online media company with a network of blogs.2007, a Gawker Media owned website exposes billionaire Peter Thiel as gay, stirring up bad blood with the Silicon Valley  moghul.2012, Gawker Media publishes a 41 second Hulk Hogan's sex-tape.2013, Gawker Media refuses to remove the sex-tape, citing the First Amendment as its Freedom for Speech, and argues that the 41 s…


Sharpening my skills at MindChamps at Tao Payoh Hub.I took a course on improving my skills to interview candidates. Interviewing potential hires is currently part of my managerial responsibility. I found the course to be very useful, practical, and can be applied immediately. It was an applied and workshop styled course. I highly recommend it.Link:

Rain Slow Down

When you want the rain to SLOW down.

Drop Set Training

Adding method to madness is my definition of "technique". That's how I lift passionately, repeat it, and continuously improve. I recently applied the drop set technique for more than a month, and found it to be really effective.
Above pic shows my layout of weights for seated shoulder-press.
Step 1) select 3 pair of weights (example: 35 lbs, 30 lbs, 25 lbs).
Step 2) start by warming up with the lowest weight (example: 25 lbs) with at least 20 reps. This will be your warm-up, to get the target muscles flushed with blood (doesn't count as a set).
Step 3)rest for 1 minute. Step 4) use the highest weight (example: 35 lbs) and do it till failure. (at least 10 reps). Then rest for 1 minute to recover. Repeat with same weights. You just completed 2 sets. Step 5) Now, drop to next lower weight (example: 30 lbs) and hit it till failure (at least 12 to 15 reps). Repeat. You just finished 2 more sets, in total 4 sets. Step 6) Now, drop to the lowest weight (example: 25 lbs) and h…

Ramadan 2016

Wishing all Muslims a happy and blessed month of fasting.

Muhammad Ali

Rest In Peace, Champion.

Uber is the biggest funded startup

Uber has become the biggest funded startup.
Who are the Key Players: Uber recently added $3.5bn in funding from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), lifting it's balance sheet to $11bn. This cements Uber's position as the most well-funded startup company, and the largest single investment in a private firm ever.Saudi Arabia's PIF will own (approx) 5% of Uber, with it's managing director on Uber's board. PIF's investment is a leap forward for Saudi Arabia, a country where economic reforms move at glacial speeds. Now that's changing, with the bold announcement of Vision 2030 by it's new leadership (under Prince Mohammed bin Salman), who is set to to reform the economy. What it means for Tech Startups and Venture Capital: Raising $3.5bn in a single funding round is a new global watermark. In an age where seed capital for tech startups is shrinking, the mass consumer appeal of tech startups like Uber and Snapchat is catalyzing their series-investme…