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Family Friendly Mall

Signs that your mall is family friendly, and caters to all types of patrons.
Good job FrasersCentrePointMalls, at Causeway Point Mall in Woodlands.

Adi's Birthday 2016

Adi celebrated his fourth birthday on 21 May.
20 May (Fri), started as a pre-celebration at school. He had an early celebration, cake and birthday goodies party at school. Then on 21 May he got is Thomas & Friends giant gift from grandparents. And a race car from his Aunty Eva.
Went for a quick breakfast at Swensens, and then immersed himself in shooting the dinosaurs, aliens - at his favorite arcade games at Timezone. Kids are so natural at being trigger-happy.
Towards lunch, we went to Woodlands WaterFront Park - as our plans for cruise trip to Kusu Island had to be called-off. Always good to have a Plan B. At the park, both kids had fun. We capped the afternoon with a lunch at Rasa Waterfront Restaurant. 
The restaurant was on a jetty. There were many people fishing, their sun tanned faces anxiously waiting for the line to flinch. I wondered where in the world could people find such time, patience and calmness - for fishing. Apparently people do. Some of them make a catch, and…

The Guilty by David Baldacci

Completed, cover to cover. This book will grip you from the first chapter till the last. Towards the end it tends to lose steam a bit..but overall makes a good story. The pace, characters, plots, sub-plots are well crafted - a wealth of imagination & thrill bottled in 700+ pages by David Baldacci.