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Never let anything in life become your weakness. Treat every comfort as something that is good to have, but not a must.
Be it career, women, love, money -  it may make life happier (based on your needs)..but do not become dependent on it.

Those of you who live life on the edge know this. Anything is fine in moderation, and not beyond it. Once you develop a weakness, it will define your character.

Learn to be in control of your life, and don't let your "necessities" control you.

Here is a simple plan to keep your mind straight:
- Hit the gym 1st thing in the morning, before the sun comes out. Remember a healthy mind needs a healthy body.
- Read daily.
- Do something worth writing.
- Stay hungry for success
- Keep things simple, regardless of the who/where you are in life.

(Pardon the typos, written in a fast moving cab, closer to midnite)