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Making a place in this world

The fundamental precondition for survival, growth, and happiness - is to make a place for yourself in this world.  When you spend time on anyone (people), anything (opportunities), anywhere (community/office/business) - the return on your (time) investment should be that you carve out a wider,T deeper, and meaningful ground for yourself in this world.

You may ask, why? The simple answer to it is, that the world is full of randomness. When you reach out to anyone or anything - you are trying to build harmony. Building harmony is the way to live & work happily in your environment.
This dawned upon me, when I was analysing over the past few weeks - that why some social, personal, and professional encounters are always rewarding and fulfilling, whereas others are always frustrating & full of emptiness. 
It was also during that period, that I chanced upon meeting an friend over lunch near my office. I was appalled to hear that she went from relationship to relationship, jobs to jobs,…

Lunch at 'Penang Style'

The only time I have ever fallen in love with food - was today at 'Penang Style',  Changi Airport, Terminal 3.This is most exciting fusion of Penang cuisine, with Thai & Western food.The best part is that the restaurant is spacious, (although full) let's you enjoy the food - away from the crowds, people & noise.We had fish fillets with pasta in chilli crab sauce, kway tiao with crab meat, thai pineapple fried rice, cheese tou fu, and of course - the sizzling satays. Taste is adjusted to preference, which makes the food  ideal for kids.Certainly a treat for the taste buds.

Same Same But Different

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year,  with good Health, abundant Wealth, Happiness, and Prosperity.