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Ayla at Sea

Ayla at Sea

Ayla starts Primary School

Ayla starts her new Primary School today.
For the past 2 weeks, she has been reminding me about her (approaching) big day. Her excitement is visible, without any anxiety or fear - unlike other kids starting new school. She woke up early this morning and was ready by 06:00 am. Dressed in her new uniform, she really looked like a big school girl. The bus arrived around 06:35 am and she boarded with a big smile. Some hugs and kisses, and she left for school. Sophia accompanied her today (and will do so tomorrow), I will oversee the third day (to observe that she is getting along well). 
This day is a culmination of more than 8 months of our volunteer work at her school, to secure her admission. Even though we live within the 1 km zone to the school and are Singapore citizens, we were told that the school can be oversubscribed. (Schools in Singapore have fixed seats and some oversubscribed schools go for balloting. We certainly didn't want to take any chances with balloting). We made…