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Upgraded to Windows10

That feeling .. when you board with Economy class tickets - but end up sitting in First Class to your holiday destination. That's what a flawless and smooth Windows10 upgrade felt like.

I have just upgraded from Windows 8 to 10.
I had to move from 8 to 8.1 first, which took about 2+ hours. Then went to Windows 10, that was another 3+ hours. Most of the process was on auto-pilot, and I could largely use my desktop during the process.

The last time (2014) I attempted to upgrade my Lenovo 23 inch All-In-One to Windows 8.1, it didn't work. The culprit then was a conflict in display drivers, leading up to multiple restarts corrupting my HD sectors. I never upgraded to 8.1 since then.

This time the upgrade to Win 10 was flawless. Why?
1. The best part of it - all my files, apps, MS tools, anti virus are preserved. It flashed a sweet message "All files are where you left them". That means unlike previous upgrades I didn't have to re-install my Word, Excel, Anti-virus, Printer drivers and Photoshop softwares.
2. There were no conflicts with my Lenovo touch screen display drivers.
3. It runs like an athalete on steroids, no performance lag and no huge memory footprints.

Well done Microsoft !!