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Eva's Birthday 2015

Happy Birthday Eva.
Both kids have been very excited in the countdown to their Aunty's birthday.

Eva with her choice of birthday gift. She had a Sony Xperia in mind, so we headed to the Sony Center in Bugis Junction. After comparing a few models and specs, we selected Xperia C5. 

The weather has been rainy, with daily downpours. Considering this, we decided to have a indoor visit - to the Science Center.

The 'Monsters of the Sea' is a fine attraction.
Initially Adi was a bit scared to go in. After seeing the life sized models of sharks, he got finally fascinated. We had an interesting moment when the giant croc model he was admiring, opened its jaws wide.

The attraction has about 30 giant models in motion. There is a fossil digging activity, which seems to be a hit among kids. I personally loved the 3D animations featuring the prehistoric creatures. The best was about a fossil recovered, dating back to 45 million years. The forensics identified a giant shark tooth embedded in the creature's limb.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet my ex boss - Kar Wee, his kids and mom during our lunch. Its always a pleasure to meet him, and see him full of energy and smiles. Both his kids have grown taller. We had more things (beyond work) to talk about this time.

Eva with her birthday cake - a BlackForest icecream cake. Adi, as usual, taking an early dip in the cake.

Blowing the candles, with kids waiting for their turn - Take 1, Take 2 and Take 3.

Both Ayla and Adi love Eva a lot. Happy Birthday, and many more to come.