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Ayla's Graduation Concert

Ayla completes her kindergarten this month, in Nov 2015.

Her school - Kinderland, organized a graduation concert, on 14 Nov 2015.
The event was themed "Celebrating SG50 with our Treasure Island".

I must say, it was a wonderful event. I was amazed at how well the kids performed, I'm sure the teachers must have put-in a lot of hard-work and training.

We arrived at 10:15 am, at National University of Singapore's Cultural Center (the venue). We were welcomed by the staff and ushered to our front-row seats. Thanks to Sophia, for booking the front-row seats - Ayla could see us and wave at us from the stage.

Ayla arrived on stage with her class and teacher - the Woodlands Civic Center Class of 2015.

The audience were mostly young families, some with younger siblings eager to watch their KoKo and JieJie on stage. Others with toddlers young enough to break the silence of the hall with their cute voices, cracking the audience from time to time.

There were about 10 to 12 performances - packed with moral values, Singapore's identity, and bonding. The message was - the real treasure of our "Treasure Island" (as in Singapore) is the people. It was sweet and impressive, and appealed to the kids and parents alike.

My baby was dressed as a shark, and performed "Save the World".

I occasionally glanced around to appreciate the full scale of the venue. It had a capacity of 1800 audience, on 3 impressive floors, in a horse-shoe shaped auditorium. The interiors were  fully equipped with acoustic-shelling, a technique to optimize the sound for orchestra/opera/musicals. I walked around the facility, the stage looked big enough to fit an orchestra of 90 musicians. In terms of production support, there were in-house staff/technicians and all standard equipment were provided. The production facility could accommodate up to 3 trucks for loading/unloading of equipment. The dressing rooms were on each of the 3 floors. Now, ain't that huge!
The interesting aspect of the concert was not just in the well choreographed sequences, but in the cute little errors made by kids. Whenever a kid erred, their partner would tap them to remind to move on - bringing an instant smile on everyone in the audience. Those moments were less awkward and more comic. The audience were good, and supported the kids with claps of encouragement. For me, I loved the Gymnastics performance. I never thought that 6 year olds could pull off those leaps, somersaults, and acrobatics - on the stage facing a crowd of 1800. Other notable ones were the "Save The World" and a Parade with drum-beats played by the kids. 
The event ended on a high note, with all the kids posing with their class mates and teachers.

After the event, Ayla posed with her Woodlands Civic Center classmates. Some of them will go to the same Primary School (starting in Jan 2016).

Ayla arrived home in her shark gear, and surprised Adi and aunty Eva. Then she made a video-call to both the GrandParents (in India & Miri) to share her excitement.

Looking back at her journey through her 1st school - I felt so proud of Ayla, and thought about the day she started school. In life, we have to constantly move to the next (progressive) level. At every age, at every level - there is something new to learn - and nothing comes easy, without focus, determination and hard-work. The key is to keep moving-on to the next level.

Well Done Ayla!

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NUS University Cultural Center website is at