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Play It Forward

On Sunday, Causeway Point mall had something special in store.
At the atrium area, there was a huge pool of colorful balls, with kids doing what they do best - having fun!

This was the largest pool of (100,000) balls in Singapore, making an entry in the Singapore Book of Records. Every child wanted to be there - including Ayla and Adi. We soon realized that this was a charity event to raise funds for needy families. Now that's a good cause, and it certainly had my attention.

This was the 1st in a series of year-long charity events, launched by Frasers Centrepoint Malls - called 'Play It Forward'. For every $5 you donate, it offers 15 minutes of playtime (in fact more) in the pool. There were counters for buy floss-candy and sweet-corns. The donations go to the needy families.

Ayla and Adi wasted no time in making their donations and purchases, before diving in. Sophia accompanied them.

Once inside the pool - the kids didn't care about a thing in the world. There were …

Ayla's Graduation Concert

Ayla completes her kindergarten this month, in Nov 2015.
Her school - Kinderland, organized a graduation concert, on 14 Nov 2015. The event was themed "Celebrating SG50 with our Treasure Island".
I must say, it was a wonderful event. I was amazed at how well the kids performed, I'm sure the teachers must have put-in a lot of hard-work and training.
We arrived at 10:15 am, at National University of Singapore's Cultural Center (the venue). We were welcomed by the staff and ushered to our front-row seats. Thanks to Sophia, for booking the front-row seats - Ayla could see us and wave at us from the stage.
Ayla arrived on stage with her class and teacher - the Woodlands Civic Center Class of 2015.
The audience were mostly young families, some with younger siblings eager to watch their KoKo and JieJie on stage. Others with toddlers young enough to break the silence of the hall with their cute voices, cracking the audience from time to time.
There were about 10 to 12 perfo…

Watched Spectre

Spectre'cular - watched Spectre on the holiday eve.