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Trump redefining US Elections

Donald Trump is redefining the US Elections, in ways never done before. 
As a Singaporean, I have got used to our own dull and largely predictable outcomes on Singapore General Elections. However, the US Elections are nothing short of a thrill ride.
This year the game changer in US, is inevitably Donald Trump.
Here is what makes him different: 1. Funding The man needs no external funding to finance his campaign. Thanks to his multi billion dollar net-worth. This means he doesn't take money from those oil-slick lobbyists or weapons manufacturers - and so he won't play to their tunes once elected. That gives him the edge to speak his mind at the campaigns, without any influence. That's a big one.
2. Communication Style His campaign style is unique. He communicates with his trademark alpha-male and maverick style, which he has hardened over the years in the corporate world and on reality TVs. The US electorate are looking for something fresh, and he has captivated them - tak…