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Eid 2015

I visited India to celebrate Eid in July 2015. 
It was a short and pleasant trip, and I managed to meet many relatives.

As usual had Eid prayers were observed in the morning at Palasia Mosque, followed by the family get-together.

The major highlight was to meet:
1. Nasira Baji (the eldest of my 2 sisters) and Husain Mian (her husband) from Bhopal, India. It was very kind of Baji to travel from Bhopal to Indore twice, during my 1 week of stay.

2. Ruhi (the youngest of my 2 sisters) and her 2 kids, who came from Vancouver, Canada. Her kids- Farhan and Alina are really beautiful and adorable kids. They are such intelligent, well-mannered, and cultured children that I admire them, and Ruhi's parenting skills.

3. Ain (Nasira Baji's daughter), her baby girl Mehreen and her husband Mudassir - who were visiting from Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. 
It was the first time I saw Mehreen, and it brought back the memories of Ain's childhood. 

4. Zain (Nasira Baji's son), who managed to visit us from his new job at LG in Delhi, despite having a tight schedule. He has completed his MBA and started a new job at LG. He is highly accomplished at his young age, with an MBA, university placement at LG, and a fast growing career (with promotion in the first 3 months of his job).

5. I also met Tauseef and family, who were visiting from Dubai. And we had the pleasure to attend the lunch at Asif uncle's house.

6. I was fortunate to have met a stranger, on my flight back. Turned out that our parents were family friends. For once, I met a family friend that I felt I could connect with comfortably. You know it, when you have met a blessed soul.

Also met some family friends. It was an awesome and really good visit.
Departing at Terminal 3, Changi Airport, Singapore.

Everything in between is yet to be uploaded.

Arriving at Terminal 3, Changi Airport, Singapore.