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Eid 2015

I visited India to celebrate Eid in July 2015.  It was a short and pleasant trip, and I managed to meet many relatives.
As usual had Eid prayers were observed in the morning at Palasia Mosque, followed by the family get-together.
The major highlight was to meet:
1. Nasira Baji (the eldest of my 2 sisters) and Husain Mian (her husband) from Bhopal, India. It was very kind of Baji to travel from Bhopal to Indore twice, during my 1 week of stay.
2. Ruhi (the youngest of my 2 sisters) and her 2 kids, who came from Vancouver, Canada. Her kids- Farhan and Alina are really beautiful and adorable kids. They are such intelligent, well-mannered, and cultured children that I admire them, and Ruhi's parenting skills.
3. Ain (Nasira Baji's daughter), her baby girl Mehreen and her husband Mudassir - who were visiting from Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.  It was the first time I saw Mehreen, and it brought back the memories of Ain's childhood. 
4. Zain (Nasira Baji's son), who managed to visit us …