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Dinner with Ayla

Feeling lovely - its dinner time with Ayla.

Upgraded to Windows10

That feeling .. when you board with Economy class tickets - but end up sitting in First Class to your holiday destination. That's what a flawless and smooth Windows10 upgrade felt like.I have just upgraded from Windows 8 to 10.
I had to move from 8 to 8.1 first, which took about 2+ hours. Then went to Windows 10, that was another 3+ hours. Most of the process was on auto-pilot, and I could largely use my desktop during the process.The last time (2014) I attempted to upgrade my Lenovo 23 inch All-In-One to Windows 8.1, it didn't work. The culprit then was a conflict in display drivers, leading up to multiple restarts corrupting my HD sectors. I never upgraded to 8.1 since then.This time the upgrade to Win 10 was flawless. Why?
1. The best part of it - all my files, apps, MS tools, anti virus are preserved. It flashed a sweet message "All files are where you left them". That means unlike previous upgrades I didn't have to re-install my Word, Excel, Anti-virus, Pr…

Aim Higher

Aim Higher .. Always.Some simple rules for self-development, I live by:1. Keep growing.
2. Keep discovering.
3. Make every minute count on reaching your own goals.
4. Keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive and wild, as ever.
5. Lastly, never let a dull job or the toxic people at work define - who you become as a person.Grow outside your job and build your own economy."Hasta la Victoria Siempre" - Che Guevara

Chloe's birthday 2015

Happy Birthday Chloe.Baby Chloe celebrated her first birthday in style. Now she resembles Budy more than before.She is an early starter and has quickly learned standing, walking, climbing stairs, and telling her preferences in her baby tones. Ayla dressed in her princess gear to the party. Adi was ready as well, but started getting sleepy. We thought it was better to let Adi rest at home with Eva.It's always a pleasure to meet Budy, Diana, their adorable baby girl Chloe - along with their friends and family.Ayla specially remembers Diana and her loving sister, and came back home with a pack of baloons & cake.Thanks so much for inviting us over lunch.

Good Morning

Good Morning.
Setting the tone for the day - by reading a few pages first thing in the morning, planning the day, and some power-thoughts.

Eva's Birthday 2015

Happy Birthday Eva.
Both kids have been very excited in the countdown to their Aunty's birthday.
Eva with her choice of birthday gift. She had a Sony Xperia in mind, so we headed to the Sony Center in Bugis Junction. After comparing a few models and specs, we selected Xperia C5. 

The weather has been rainy, with daily downpours. Considering this, we decided to have a indoor visit - to the Science Center.

The 'Monsters of the Sea' is a fine attraction.
Initially Adi was a bit scared to go in. After seeing the life sized models of sharks, he got finally fascinated. We had an interesting moment when the giant croc model he was admiring, opened its jaws wide.

The attraction has about 30 giant models in motion. There is a fossil digging activity, which seems to be a hit among kids. I personally loved the 3D animations featuring the prehistoric creatures. The best was about a fossil recovered, dating back to 45 million years. The forensics identified a giant shark tooth embedded…

Dinner at Nandos

Me and Sophia having dinner at Nando's, Bugis Junction - after my gym. The food here is perfectly healthy and delicious. I just love it to the core.

Play It Forward

On Sunday, Causeway Point mall had something special in store.
At the atrium area, there was a huge pool of colorful balls, with kids doing what they do best - having fun!

This was the largest pool of (100,000) balls in Singapore, making an entry in the Singapore Book of Records. Every child wanted to be there - including Ayla and Adi. We soon realized that this was a charity event to raise funds for needy families. Now that's a good cause, and it certainly had my attention.

This was the 1st in a series of year-long charity events, launched by Frasers Centrepoint Malls - called 'Play It Forward'. For every $5 you donate, it offers 15 minutes of playtime (in fact more) in the pool. There were counters for buy floss-candy and sweet-corns. The donations go to the needy families.

Ayla and Adi wasted no time in making their donations and purchases, before diving in. Sophia accompanied them.

Once inside the pool - the kids didn't care about a thing in the world. There were …

Ayla's Graduation Concert

Ayla completes her kindergarten this month, in Nov 2015.
Her school - Kinderland, organized a graduation concert, on 14 Nov 2015. The event was themed "Celebrating SG50 with our Treasure Island".
I must say, it was a wonderful event. I was amazed at how well the kids performed, I'm sure the teachers must have put-in a lot of hard-work and training.
We arrived at 10:15 am, at National University of Singapore's Cultural Center (the venue). We were welcomed by the staff and ushered to our front-row seats. Thanks to Sophia, for booking the front-row seats - Ayla could see us and wave at us from the stage.
Ayla arrived on stage with her class and teacher - the Woodlands Civic Center Class of 2015.
The audience were mostly young families, some with younger siblings eager to watch their KoKo and JieJie on stage. Others with toddlers young enough to break the silence of the hall with their cute voices, cracking the audience from time to time.
There were about 10 to 12 perfo…

Watched Spectre

Spectre'cular - watched Spectre on the holiday eve.

Trump redefining US Elections

Donald Trump is redefining the US Elections, in ways never done before. 
As a Singaporean, I have got used to our own dull and largely predictable outcomes on Singapore General Elections. However, the US Elections are nothing short of a thrill ride.
This year the game changer in US, is inevitably Donald Trump.
Here is what makes him different: 1. Funding The man needs no external funding to finance his campaign. Thanks to his multi billion dollar net-worth. This means he doesn't take money from those oil-slick lobbyists or weapons manufacturers - and so he won't play to their tunes once elected. That gives him the edge to speak his mind at the campaigns, without any influence. That's a big one.
2. Communication Style His campaign style is unique. He communicates with his trademark alpha-male and maverick style, which he has hardened over the years in the corporate world and on reality TVs. The US electorate are looking for something fresh, and he has captivated them - tak…

Eid 2015

I visited India to celebrate Eid in July 2015.  It was a short and pleasant trip, and I managed to meet many relatives.
As usual had Eid prayers were observed in the morning at Palasia Mosque, followed by the family get-together.
The major highlight was to meet:
1. Nasira Baji (the eldest of my 2 sisters) and Husain Mian (her husband) from Bhopal, India. It was very kind of Baji to travel from Bhopal to Indore twice, during my 1 week of stay.
2. Ruhi (the youngest of my 2 sisters) and her 2 kids, who came from Vancouver, Canada. Her kids- Farhan and Alina are really beautiful and adorable kids. They are such intelligent, well-mannered, and cultured children that I admire them, and Ruhi's parenting skills.
3. Ain (Nasira Baji's daughter), her baby girl Mehreen and her husband Mudassir - who were visiting from Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.  It was the first time I saw Mehreen, and it brought back the memories of Ain's childhood. 
4. Zain (Nasira Baji's son), who managed to visit us …

New House Keys

We collected the keys of our new house on (Wed) 17 Jun 2015.
The new house is in Johor (Malaysia), about 10 Kms from our condominium in Singapore.

Me and Sophia at the entrance of our house.

Outside our house.

Full length windows at 2nd floor Master Bedroom.

View from the Master Bedroom.

At the Master Bedroom.

2 Common Bedrooms at 2nd Floor and Balcony.


Living Room (main entrance)

Dining Room (sliding door to the garden)

Side view of the house from the garden.