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The Legend of Hercules - Review

The Legend of Hercules is a disaster.

You have to be a big fan (like me) of sword & battle movies to enter this show. That is to say you enjoy watching medieval styled bloodied action - oozing with testosterone, larger-than-life characters, huge muscles & thick beards. That fully qualifies you as a die-hard fan of Gladiator, 300, Troy, The Last Samurai and Braveheart.

Well, coming for that angle, this show is definitely a disappointment. It is a visibly amateurish attempt to blend in all the above epics into one movie. It lacks any element of originality, and offers a completely lackluster performance by the cast. The action sequences are too dull, and the script is beyond pathetic. 

The movie is based on a proven & established concept - the mythological Greek character of half-human half-god Hercules. That is a sure recipe for awesome action, fantasy, and romance.

But the poor script wastes too much time on his human weaknesses & vulnerabilities. It is thoroughly dis-engaging till Act III where Hercules finally discovers his semi-God like powers and grows out of his human-cocoon.

This delayed awakening of Hercules till Act III is where the fault is - the audience who go for such movies are not the kind of "girlie-men" who watch "Twilight" type of movies with their girlfriends, adoring Edward and Bella in a semi-porno-grade honeymoon, only to be attached by pale-looking vampires loaded with buckets of skin-whitening creams. The average audience here is expecting a 300 styled kick-ass brutality & action, which makes them feel like hopping on a horse as soon as they exit the cineplex.

At its best, this show would make a fine TV series - but certainly not a fine novel or a movie.