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Combination Lock

There are occasions in life when you wonder - what exactly is life.

I have personally never agreed or rationalized with other people's definition of life. I have heard different definitions. There are people saying - life is a game, life is a celebration, life is a struggle, life is pain. etc. And so begins the process of self questioning, as to what is life?

When I was a child, I agreed that 'life is a game'. Well it did feel like one, for some time - going up from one level to another, and the difficulty level going higher and higher. 

During my early career, when I worked wonders in my jobs as software engineer (which I will always cherish as the best part of my otherwise dull and boring career), my ultimate obsession was creating new and flawless products. This obsession with Java (my programming language) made me feel like 'life is a drug'. Anyone who has an obsession can understand this.

When I took bigger steps to prime my career and pursue my Masters with an ongoing job - for some time it looked like 'life was a struggle'. 

When the dust settles, and you have made your accomplishments and had some personal victories (in career and academics), you begin to look inwards. There always comes a time, when you are broken-hearted and it feels like 'life is pain'. But pain is temporary, and inevitable. 
In Bob Marley's words "The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for." That sounds familiar to me.

After a few years I got married, started a family life, and over the next 2 to 4 years our kids arrived. This was about the same time when our investments started to flourish. This instilled the thought in me that 'life is a celebration'. And I would love to believe that, forever.

Years later, I started looking at he larger picture. Having covered many areas of my personal life, I began to piece together each of them - to decode the meaning & purpose of my life. I had a thought and it stayed with me for long. It dawned upon me that "Life is a combination lock".
(Image of an ancient Chinese character-coded combination lock, isn't she a beauty)

As a combination lock, we need to unlock each dial successfully, and find the right sequence. This relates well to a happy and fulfilling life: 
  • Unlocking the individual dials is about succeeding in major aspects of life - like education, career, relationships, investments, succession, etc. 
  • Getting the right combination is about sequencing and prioritization. Knowing what to do first, and what aspects of life are important or can wait - is a strategic game changer. 
  • Unlocking the happiness and fulfillment in life requires a deliberate and consistent effort. It doesn't happen by accident or on its own.
I look forward to find the right combination, so that I can continue to unlock the joy; purpose; and meaning in my life.