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Adi's 2nd birthday

My son Adi turned 2 years old on on 21 May. Happy Birthday Adi, Pappa loves you, always.

We used to celebrate birthday parties at our condominium's club-house/pool-side, but realized that kids don't get to enjoy it a lot. So this year we changed the format - and to begin with we celebrated Adi's birthday at school. Then, I got the family unlimited-access tickets to Universal Studios.

We spent a full day at Universal, and the kids had an awesome day.

We have been there few times already, but going with the kids (as they grow) is always a new experience. It was Adi's first visit. Ayla has been there before.

Beyond the rides and thrills, the most priceless experience was - the lovely smile on Ayla and Adi's faces when they saw their favourite characters in person, played with them, and took pictures with them. The Minions, characters from Sesame Street and Madagascar.. just know how to make the kid's day.

Adi was so excited that he didn't bother to  waste his time over lunch or milk, but took a short nap at noon. Ayla was at her best at the flying dinosaur ride, and didn't take her noon nap. The weather is certainly hot in Singapore, and tends to limit the experience on some selected outdoor activities. Parking rates there are a killer, I thought they should have done some complementary stuff for Season Pass holders. But overall, its fun.