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Happy Birthday Ruhi

Wishing my adorable sister Ruhi, a very Happy Birthday.
May Allah bless you with good health, happiness, and prosperity.

When we were kids, we used to cut a cake with the family at midnight - followed by a group lunch/dinner with near & dear ones. Those childhood memories are the ones I cherish most, when I look back at the years of us growing up together. As a child, Ruhi has always been the one most excited about birthdays and cakes, in our family.

We grew up together, went to same school, and had the same group of friends. Over the years, as we got busy with our own lives respectively, and relocated to different places - we hardly get the opportunity to celebrate any family occasions together. (Ruhi lives in Vancouver, Canada with her 2 lovely kids & husband). 

Ruhi's husband, Faisal Bhai is one of the most intellectual and academic person in our family. I really admire him. When I was a student, one of the most useful career advice he gave me was about the emergence of Java as a scientific programming language. I subsequently specialized in Java following his advice, and it was a decision instrumental in my career growth over the next few years. 
Another thought he shared with me in our casual conversations, as I met him for a few minutes at Changi Airport in Singapore was about family relations. He once told me that a brother-sister relation grows stronger with age, beyond their childhood days, as they settle down with their own family & kids. This has proved to be true for me and both my sisters. I have two sisters Nasira Baji and Ruhi - and my relation has grown stronger with both my sisters and their children over the years. 

As I share my thoughts here, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for Ruhi, Faisal Bhai, and their family. These are things we don't usually get to talk about in our conversations, and I am not sure if you read this blog, but I hope you do.

So once again, Have a Happy Birthday - on behalf of Mummy, Daddy, Nasira Baji & her family, and my family. We all love you.