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MH 370

My thoughts & prayers for the passengers & crew of missing Malaysian Airliner MH 370, and their distraught relatives.
It is a difficult moment for humanity in general- not just for the aviation industry or only for Malaysians, because 239 people vanished from the face of earth..without a trace.
Singapore has done well by contributing to the search & rescue operations, even though no Singaporeans were involved in the incident.
I however have a message for the social media users who have chosen to make jokes out of this suffering - please have respect for the missing & their families. Look through the pics of the missing passengers published today (during their happier times)..and your (twisted) sense of humor will be replaced by a sense of loss. Look at the stories of distraught relatives, one of whom is a very elderly lady waiting to cook dinner for her missing son, as she thinks he would be hungry after missing at sea. Just dig deeper into your soul, and you will get the message.
Eventually MH 370 will be found, sooner or later.
"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth" - Buddha