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Tech 2014

Year 2014 for technology, will be defined by wearable gadgets. The front runners in this arena are expected to be smart-watches and digital glasses.
Samsung and Sony have already launched their devices, whereas Apple is widely anticipated to join later this year. As for glasses, Google Glasses is leading the pack.
It is rather apparent that such devices will steal the thunder from tablets and smart-phones, where the appetite for apps is waning. This may also be a golden opportunity for Android to leap-frog ahead of Apple.

Ayla starts KG1

Ayla excited to start KG1, in her all new princess-themed school-gear.

Happy New Year 2014

Wishing all loved ones and friends a very Happy New Year 2014.
Adi and Ayla thoroughly enjoyed watching the countdown fireworks, it is a spectacular family-event fondly remembered by both kids throughout the year.

It takes a bit of planning, patience and courage to beat the traffic and reach the prime locations to catch the best view of the fireworks - and we make it a point to do so.