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Sophia's Birthday 2014

Happy Birthday Sophia.Ayla has been very excited in the countdown to Sophia's birthday. She has been saying that she wants to give Mummy a new phone, for a birthday gift. Here are few pics from this morning's breakfast. Adi is enjoying a late morning nap. Just as Ayla wanted, Sophia's birthday gift is a Samsung Note 4 (arriving soon).

Google Project Wing

Get ready for some sci-fi styled delivery service.

Watch it in action here:

Jihye Yuk

The funny and cute Korean babe, Jihye Yuk.

Comex 2014

Singapore's biggest and the best IT Exhibition COMEX 2014 is on.

When: 28/Aug to 31/AugWhere: SUNTEC Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Level 4 & 6Website: the deals, gotta check-out: Google GlassXBox ONEand the Booth Babes ;-) How to get there: Train: City Hall, Esplanade MRTBus: 36, 97, 106, 111, 133, 502, 518, 700, 857Car: Don't even think about it !!
image source: Comex 2014 Website

Adi's 2nd birthday

My son Adi turned 2 years old on on 21 May. Happy Birthday Adi, Pappa loves you, always.
We used to celebrate birthday parties at our condominium's club-house/pool-side, but realized that kids don't get to enjoy it a lot. So this year we changed the format - and to begin with we celebrated Adi's birthday at school. Then, I got the family unlimited-access tickets to Universal Studios.

We spent a full day at Universal, and the kids had an awesome day.

We have been there few times already, but going with the kids (as they grow) is always a new experience. It was Adi's first visit. Ayla has been there before.
Beyond the rides and thrills, the most priceless experience was - the lovely smile on Ayla and Adi's faces when they saw their favourite characters in person, played with them, and took pictures with them. The Minions, characters from Sesame Street and Madagascar.. just know how to make the kid's day.
Adi was so excited that he didn't bother to  waste his…

Combination Lock

There are occasions in life when you wonder - what exactly is life.

I have personally never agreed or rationalized with other people's definition of life. I have heard different definitions. There are people saying - life is a game, life is a celebration, life is a struggle, life is pain. etc. And so begins the process of self questioning, as to what is life?

When I was a child, I agreed that 'life is a game'. Well it did feel like one, for some time - going up from one level to another, and the difficulty level going higher and higher. 

During my early career, when I worked wonders in my jobs as software engineer (which I will always cherish as the best part of my otherwise dull and boring career), my ultimate obsession was creating new and flawless products. This obsession with Java (my programming language) made me feel like 'life is a drug'. Anyone who has an obsession can understand this.

When I took bigger steps to prime my career and pursue my Masters with an on…

The Legend of Hercules - Review

The Legend of Hercules is a disaster.

You have to be a big fan (like me) of sword & battle movies to enter this show. That is to say you enjoy watching medieval styled bloodied action - oozing with testosterone, larger-than-life characters, huge muscles & thick beards. That fully qualifies you as a die-hard fan of Gladiator, 300, Troy, The Last Samurai and Braveheart.
Well, coming for that angle, this show is definitely a disappointment. It is a visibly amateurish attempt to blend in all the above epics into one movie. It lacks any element of originality, and offers a completely lackluster performance by the cast. The action sequences are too dull, and the script is beyond pathetic. 
The movie is based on a proven & established concept - the mythological Greek character of half-human half-god Hercules. That is a sure recipe for awesome action, fantasy, and romance.

But the poor script wastes too much time on his human weaknesses & vulnerabilities. It is thoroughly dis…

Happy Birthday Ruhi

Wishing my adorable sister Ruhi, a very Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you with good health, happiness, and prosperity.
When we were kids, we used to cut a cake with the family at midnight - followed by a group lunch/dinner with near & dear ones. Those childhood memories are the ones I cherish most, when I look back at the years of us growing up together. As a child, Ruhi has always been the one most excited about birthdays and cakes, in our family.
We grew up together, went to same school, and had the same group of friends. Over the years, as we got busy with our own lives respectively, and relocated to different places - we hardly get the opportunity to celebrate any family occasions together. (Ruhi lives in Vancouver, Canada with her 2 lovely kids & husband). 
Ruhi's husband, Faisal Bhai is one of the most intellectual and academic person in our family. I really admire him. When I was a student, one of the most useful career advice he gave me was about the emergence o…

Dynamics of an aviation investigation

MH370 has been missing for 3 weeks.

During conversations relating to aviation incidents (in general), I realized many people don't understand the dynamics of such investigations. (that is to say, who pays the heavy price of the losses, who blames who, etc.). I'm no expert on aviation, but somehow I picked some insights on related matters, during my creative-research for my writings.

Here is my view, on how such aviation incidents typically play out (views are in general, and not specific to MH370):

The first one to face the heat are the local authorities.The authorities then begin to scrutinize the carrier, for safety and compliance matters.The carrier then shifts the blame on the manufacturer, for technical matters.The manufacturer then blames on pilot-error, negligence, foul-play - leading to a criminal investigation.A criminal investigation * if proven - ensures the authorities, carrier, and manufacturer emerge unscathed from the entire episode. This is an important point t…

MH 370

My thoughts & prayers for the passengers & crew of missing Malaysian Airliner MH 370, and their distraught relatives. It is a difficult moment for humanity in general- not just for the aviation industry or only for Malaysians, because 239 people vanished from the face of earth..without a trace. Singapore has done well by contributing to the search & rescue operations, even though no Singaporeans were involved in the incident. I however have a message for the social media users who have chosen to make jokes out of this suffering - please have respect for the missing & their families. Look through the pics of the missing passengers published today (during their happier times)..and your (twisted) sense of humor will be replaced by a sense of loss. Look at the stories of distraught relatives, one of whom is a very elderly lady waiting to cook dinner for her missing son, as she thinks he would be hungry after missing at sea. Just dig deeper into your soul, and you will get…

Most expensive city

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore is the most expensive city in the world, as of March 2014.

Link to The Economist article.

Extract from Financial Times, reporting the same story:

Its Sushi Time

Tech 2014

Year 2014 for technology, will be defined by wearable gadgets. The front runners in this arena are expected to be smart-watches and digital glasses.
Samsung and Sony have already launched their devices, whereas Apple is widely anticipated to join later this year. As for glasses, Google Glasses is leading the pack.
It is rather apparent that such devices will steal the thunder from tablets and smart-phones, where the appetite for apps is waning. This may also be a golden opportunity for Android to leap-frog ahead of Apple.

Ayla starts KG1

Ayla excited to start KG1, in her all new princess-themed school-gear.

Happy New Year 2014

Wishing all loved ones and friends a very Happy New Year 2014.
Adi and Ayla thoroughly enjoyed watching the countdown fireworks, it is a spectacular family-event fondly remembered by both kids throughout the year.

It takes a bit of planning, patience and courage to beat the traffic and reach the prime locations to catch the best view of the fireworks - and we make it a point to do so.