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Tauseef from Dubai

My cousin brother Tauseef was in Singapore recently. It was a pleasure to meet him after 13 years.

Tauseef is based in Dubai, and specializes in Management of Medical infrastructure & facilities - for planning, design, and operations. He brings an enormous amount of domain-expertise (from hospital-management) and corporate-insights from GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries).

We used to keep in frequent-contact and talk about regional-developments. Singapore and Dubai have a lot in common, in fact both share the same DNA of an ultra-urbanized mega-city (or rather mega-state). Both places are constantly evolving, and leading the way in their respective geographic regions. The iconic landmarks - Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By the Bay, Singapore Flyer in Singapore and Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeira, and World Islands in Dubai are a testament of their ingenuity, respectively. 

I think, if the world is ever going to remember iconic landmarks after the Egyptian Pyramids or the Great Wall of China, it would be these man made marvels. Its a pleasure to be part of these good chapters of history.

Here are some pictures from the Singapore Flyer, also seen in the backdrop are Marina Bay Sands & Gardens By the Bay.

The kids loved the chocolates he brought for them, and instantly clicked with him. I was surprised to find Adi waiting at the door-step to climb into his arms and play with him. Ayla also had a lot of kitchen-toys to share with him. We had a dinner together at our humble apartment and chatted till late. As I said, Singapore and Dubai have a lot in common. Both are great places to be in. It was an enriching exchange - to discuss about our work areas; families; personal hobbies; and future plans.

During our conversations, which was the first in as many as 13 years, I tried to reflect on my earliest memories of childhood with Tauseef. I could remember learning to cycle with him and another cousin, at their township, when we were about 5 years old (probably year 1980). Then our last meeting flashed through my mind, when I met him at his job in Mumbai, shortly before flying to Singapore for the first time. Tauseef's dad (Asif Uncle) was instrumental in the migration of my parents from India, and it certainly changed our life for the better. It is for this reason, that I have always had a special place in my heart & respect for Asif Uncle.(Our fathers are both doctors, and they worked for many years overseas).

It was almost a moment of dejavu, to sit with Tauseef and discuss about our lives, as the children ran around the house. I reflected how we would run and play the same way, when our parents used to meet up on alternate weeks in the 1980s. Some things change in life (with time & circumstances), and some things don't. Blood relations stay true to the core - for people who respect and cultivate these values. Tauseef certainly is a smart and progressive member of our family, definitely ahead of the many others I have met or known.

We sincerely look forward for Tauseef's next visit with his family and parents, and their stay at our humble condominium.