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Goodbye Mandela

A salute to the greatest true leader of our times - Nelson Mandela.
Mandela's legacy has been defined by two factors:
(1) His endless patience, tolerance, and fortitude in the face of 27 years of imprisonment, at the hands of a racist & imperialist white regime. He remained committed to his belief that all men & women are born equal, and turned his belief into a reality.
(2) His remarkable ability to transform South Africa in to multi-racial & liberal democratic country. Note that, he did so without dismantling the original gov structure.
Mandela was the last among the league of true leaders this world has seen in the past century. People like Gandhi, Arafat and Mandela have shaped history, and redefined the destiny of millions - with the aim of improving their (under-privileged) people's lives. What an amazing and selfless drive these leaders had. The best way to find a true leader is someone any ordinary man can identify with, from any corner of the world.
In contrast to these true leaders - today's ministers, premiers, and heads are mere politicians.. driven by power and greed. Thats the difference between a leader and a politician.
Goodbye Mandela. Rest in peace.