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Eva's birthday - Part2

After the Singapore Flyer, we decided to take a cruise to Kusu Island.

A replica of Chinese imperial vessel 'Cheng Ho' sails from Marina Cruise Centre to Kusu Island, 3 times a day. It is operated by WaterTours. We had not purchased the tickets in prior, hoping to sail on any one of them. As it turns-out, the noon cruise had the best itinerary, with a high-tea and stop-over at Kusu. But the tickets were sold out.

I persuaded the counter-lady at WaterTours outlet, to accommodate us. She asked us to come back in an hour, before she can make the arrangements. Meanwhile, we took a slow walk around the Maritime Museum.

Half-an-hour before the sailing time, and the lady called me to confirm our tickets - that's really impressive customer service. We hopped on to the boat, and enjoyed the 45 minute of choppy-waters to Kusu Island.

It was the first time for both the kids on the boat, and I was a bit worried if it would turn their stomach. They thoroughly enjoyed it, jumping and running along the 3 decks. During the high-tea and snacks, the kids sang a birthday song for Eva - much to the delight and fanfare of the accompanying Iranian Tourist group. I spent the remaining time on the boat, replying to their occasional queries on whose birthday were we celebrating.

When we reached Kusu, I reflected on the previous trips we had with our parents and some occasional guests. The strange thing about Kusu is that it looks the same, everytime you dock there - even after a decade. With the only exception of the loitering Komodo dragon lizards, hissing their long tongue - everything pretty much looked the same this time. Legend has it that Kusu Island was originally a big turtle, which turned itself into an island to save shipwrecked sailors. A sun-baked figure of a turtle in the middle of the island reminds the tourists of this legend. The Chinese Temple and it's accompanying pond has a sizeable population of turtles.

We browsed through the Chinese Temple and the Malay Muslim Shrines - the big group of Iranian Tourists flocked eagerly at the Malay Muslim Shrines. At the shrines, was a section of the wall painted in yellow and scribbled with the many wishes by visitors. One neatly read "I wish to pass my exams" - depicting a student's anticipation for the exam results in those 6 wishful words.

Eva looked very happy to enjoy the cruise and the trip to the island. The island also has good gardens,  and a scenic view of the Singapore skyline across the ocean. It also has a make-shift market for the festive occasions.

On the way back, we largely sat on the upper deck enjoying the sun - before the light showers forced us back to the 2nd deck. When the vessel docked at Marina Cruise Centre - the same lady (from the ticketing office) was standing thanking the visitors.