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Eva Birthday Part1

It was Eva's birthday on 14 Dec.

If you are wondering who is Eva, well she is an integral part of our family. She is our domestic-helper, from Philippines. Eva joined us when my daughter Ayla was about 3 months old. Since then she has lovingly taken care of Ayla, and then of Adi.

Both the kids love her, and they wanted to celebrate their Aunty's birthday. Since Eva did not want to take the day-off to celebrate with her friends, we thought of celebrating it for her.We decided to start Eva's special day with a flight on Singapore Flyer (subsequently followed by a cruise to Kusu Island, see here).

The kids and Eva took a flight on the giant observatory-wheel. The weather was clear and the morning view of the island from 165 metres (about 42 storey high) was stunning. Eva and both the kids enjoyed it. Now the flight comes with free playtime for the kids at the children's area.

As Eva and kids enjoyed the flight, me and Sophia had our warm cup of tea at the vintage styled food-court downstairs. The place does have a distinct taste of deco, which fills you with a strange feeling of nostalgia. At least that rickshaw in the middle of the food-court certainly does.