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80 miles an hour

"When you're driving 80 miles an hour, and a street dog barks at you - you don't stop to shut it up."
That is a rule to remember in life. 

This underscores my experience recently with some filthy people that I used to mistake as my relatives and well-wishers. I can tolerate, and I can be patient - because I believe in keeping my powder dry for bigger & more meaningful challenges in life. Mark my words - I can forgive, but I do not forget.

I have always lived my life the way I believed was right - be it contrary to some cultural and social norms. I love my wife, my children and I love myself. I have my strengths, my dreams, and my vulnerabilities - just as anyone else. I am not perfect in life, and neither do I claim to be, but I try (at least I try, and yes I'm good at it).

I always did what I believed was right. I do not live a life bound by anyone's expectations. I am free, and glad to be.

I am happy to have two sisters (Nasira Baji and Ruhi), my mother and my father - who are my loving family. My two children (Ayla and Adi) are my biggest strength, and my wife (Sophia) is a lovely companion and my life-partner.  My in-laws (Sophia's parents & relatives) are all loving and warm people. My uncles, aunties, and cousins are all good people - and they have whole-heartedly accepted my personal-decisions. I am thankful to have them all in my life, it's a blessing.

When one gets going in life, and progresses in many areas of life - things move pretty fast.. that's exactly like doing 80 miles an hour.

Firstly, there are bound to be people who will be always happy for your success and will always wish you well. It's a blessing. 
Secondly, there will be handful of filthy people unhappy with your success, they will bark like dogs - because they are sour over their own failures, jealous over your success, and frustrated with their own rotten life. Such people simply destroy their own life, precipitate their own failures to their kids, they destroy their children's life, and try to disguise all their shortcomings under the cover of their misguided version of faith. Such people are a complete train-wreck, everybody hates them, and they are not welcomed in any of our houses, ever !

These two 'misfits in society' have just discovered email, just as mankind discovered fire few centuries back. Their weapon of choice is rhetoric, propaganda,  and emotionally blackmailing the parents & family members - all via email. I have always thought of email as a disruptive technology which impedes personal communication, and true enough these 2 dogs have proved it. Proved it coz - if not for hiding behind their emails & computers, these 2 cowards would be toast by now. I'm tolerating all this nonsense, only because of my father. Remember the universe always unfolds - and if it doesn't.. I will unfold it for you.. that's a promise.

So once again, the rule to remember is - that don't get distracted with street dogs, when you're moving ahead in life.