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Kids go shopping

Ever wondered what's on their shopping list, when Adi and Ayla are out to shop.

Besides toys, its..


More cakes..

and Books..

Shoulders of Singapore economy

The strong shoulders of our Singapore economy.

Selfie - Word of the Year 2013

The word 'Selfie' has been crowned as the Word of the Year 2013, by Oxford University Press - the publisher of Oxford dictionaries. Used to represent self-taken camera portraits - selfie camera shots have been around since the advent of first cameras, but have gained phenomenal popularity with the rise of social-media and mobile devices. So much, that research has statistically found the usage of the word has increased by 17,000 % since last year. Here is my selfie, to mark the occasion.

Green Tea

Japanese green tea is one of the best drinks medically endorsed by practitioners world-wide. It happens to be my personal favorite - as it packs in 0 fats, 0 sodium, and 0 sugar.
 My favourite brand continues to be. 'TA-Fu koshun-en', which is an authentic Japanese - for being grown & processed natively in Japan, and here is the best part.. each tea-bag is packaged individually in a foil pack. (It doesn't get any fresher than that.) 
In the F & B arena, both Sakae Sushi & Sushi Teh offer different variety and flavour. I personally find the brown-rice flavoured green tea at Sakae Sushi a bit strong.
The origins of green-tea date back from the times when monks used it to maintain concentration, without indulging in funky foods. Also, unlike the imperialist British culture of drinking tea (or coffee) with milk and sugar (eewww) - green tea does not leave you bloated and does not cause a sudden spike in energy levels. (A sudden sugar-rush from traditional drinks i…


There is nothing that matches the energy-level of 4 year old & 1.5 year old. Their high-octane playtime can turn even a toy-ride..into stunt straight from The Fast and The Furious. My lovely kids - Ayla & Adi.

80 miles an hour

"When you're driving 80 miles an hour, and a street dog barks at you - you don't stop to shut it up."
That is a rule to remember in life. 
This underscores my experience recently with some filthy people that I used to mistake as my relatives and well-wishers. I can tolerate, and I can be patient - because I believe in keeping my powder dry for bigger & more meaningful challenges in life. Mark my words - I can forgive, but I do not forget.
I have always lived my life the way I believed was right - be it contrary to some cultural and social norms. I love my wife, my children and I love myself. I have my strengths, my dreams, and my vulnerabilities - just as anyone else. I am not perfect in life, and neither do I claim to be, but I try (at least I try, and yes I'm good at it).
I always did what I believed was right. I do not live a life bound by anyone's expectations. I am free, and glad to be.
I am happy to have two sisters (Nasira Baji and Ruhi), my mother and