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Lunch at HarbourFront

It's a beautiful sunny afternoon at HarbourFront, also seen here is the cruise-liner SuperStar Virgo in the docks.
Nothing beats the stress of a long work-week, than the tranquility of a calm lunch at the waterfront.

Express Teppanyaki at NorthPoint mall

This place offers good & quick teppanyaki food. Located at B2 of NorthPoint Mall, Yishun is Express Teppanyaki. Their customer-service is fairly impressive. The seating area has a sizeable capacity of 25+, with hardly any waiting/queuing time (very rare in Singapore). The 2 servers were friendly aunties who took our order, and got us munching in no time. Its uncommon for such a fast paced outlet to have a chef asking for our cooking preference -I was rather impressed to get less chillies in my beef. For under $40 we got sumptuous meals for 2. They also have beef lamb oysters fish prawns cuttlefish veggies rice & soup on their menu. Me and Sophia really enjoyed the dinner.

This is my new blog

This is my new blog location. I have shifted my blog from to this Blogger.
I think a professional blogging platform like Blogger is a more suitable to host blogs, instead of my custom website. This also allows wider social connectivity & more audience.
Some of the blog post from the old location are no longer available. An auto-redirect has been effected on my old blog url ( for ease of your navigation.