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At home with kids

A day-off at home, spending quality time with the kids.

Tauseef from Dubai

My cousin brother Tauseef was in Singapore recently. It was a pleasure to meet him after 13 years.
Tauseef is based in Dubai, and specializes in Management of Medical infrastructure & facilities - for planning, design, and operations. He brings an enormous amount of domain-expertise (from hospital-management) and corporate-insights from GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries).
We used to keep in frequent-contact and talk about regional-developments. Singapore and Dubai have a lot in common, in fact both share the same DNA of an ultra-urbanized mega-city (or rather mega-state). Both places are constantly evolving, and leading the way in their respective geographic regions. The iconic landmarks - Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By the Bay, Singapore Flyer in Singapore and Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeira, and World Islands in Dubai are a testament of their ingenuity, respectively.

I think, if the world is ever going to remember iconic landmarks after the Egyptian Pyramids or the Great Wall of China, i…

Eva Birthday Part1

It was Eva's birthday on 14 Dec.

If you are wondering who is Eva, well she is an integral part of our family. She is our domestic-helper, from Philippines. Eva joined us when my daughter Ayla was about 3 months old. Since then she has lovingly taken care of Ayla, and then of Adi.

Both the kids love her, and they wanted to celebrate their Aunty's birthday. Since Eva did not want to take the day-off to celebrate with her friends, we thought of celebrating it for her.We decided to start Eva's special day with a flight on Singapore Flyer (subsequently followed by a cruise to Kusu Island, see here).

The kids and Eva took a flight on the giant observatory-wheel. The weather was clear and the morning view of the island from 165 metres (about 42 storey high) was stunning. Eva and both the kids enjoyed it. Now the flight comes with free playtime for the kids at the children's area.

As Eva and kids enjoyed the flight, me and Sophia had our warm cup of tea at the vintage styled …

Eva's birthday - Part2

After the Singapore Flyer, we decided to take a cruise to Kusu Island.

A replica of Chinese imperial vessel 'Cheng Ho' sails from Marina Cruise Centre to Kusu Island, 3 times a day. It is operated by WaterTours. We had not purchased the tickets in prior, hoping to sail on any one of them. As it turns-out, the noon cruise had the best itinerary, with a high-tea and stop-over at Kusu. But the tickets were sold out.

I persuaded the counter-lady at WaterTours outlet, to accommodate us. She asked us to come back in an hour, before she can make the arrangements. Meanwhile, we took a slow walk around the Maritime Museum.

Half-an-hour before the sailing time, and the lady called me to confirm our tickets - that's really impressive customer service. We hopped on to the boat, and enjoyed the 45 minute of choppy-waters to Kusu Island.

It was the first time for both the kids on the boat, and I was a bit worried if it would turn their stomach. They thoroughly enjoyed it, jumping and r…

SpongeBob SquarePants

Changi Airport Terminal 3 just got better, for kids.
It now has a huge, inflatable, SpongeBob SquarePants themed play-area. 
Here is Ayla having an fun at it (Adi is too young to hop on it, for now).