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Smartphones getting dumb

When the first iPhone was launched in Singapore, I stood in a queue overnight for 8 hours, to grab one. Mine was the first white iPhone in my (then) office. Many of my (then) colleagues were amused at the simple design of the iPhone. I distinctly remember a senior mocking at the only 1 home button, and another one rotating the screen several times.. only to write-off iPhone as a gaming device for kids. I attempted to reason in vain with their ignorance, and told them that in 6 months each of them would be carrying an iPhone in their pockets. Time proved me right, thanks to my extensive reading of tech journals and magazines. iPhone was a milestone in the story of smartphone devices, as it raised the bar and set an all new standard in the industry. Since then, I have become an early adopter of technology (read as - living on the bleeding edge of technology). My only regret is that I could not monetize my thoughts, by buying stocks of Apple in time.
Then came iPad. Going from iPhone to i…