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Christmas in Orchard 2017

Christmas in Orchard is always special. The entire stretch of road was lit with snow-themed deco, with performances by groups and buskers.

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Booking Our New Mazda 5

Considering the entry level prices of new cars in Singapore at $110,000+ which have a lifetime of only 10 years, it is not an easy choice to go for a car. 
I am driving a Hyundai happily for the past 6 years, which meets my day to day travel needs. Its a simple and beautiful car. But I have been thinking of upgrading my car. Looking at the cost of cars, MPVs offer the most value for a family.
I think an ideal MPV should offer 7 seater capacity, sliding doors, rear aircon (most important), 2000 cc engine to roar at max load, and comfortable leg room in every row. Sunroof is a big plus for the kids, other features like reverse cam/ navigation/ cruise control/ lane assist/ memory functions for mirrors & seats - are certainly good to have but not a necessity for me.
I have been scanning the market for some time, and I see Mazda 5 offering the most features at the best value - as compared to other cars today. It meets all my (above) needs with a sunroof, reverse cam, navigation, and a…

Eid Al Adha 2017

Wish you a happy Eid Al Adha.
Here are some pictures from the morning prayers at Yusuf Ishaq Mosque, in Woodlands.

Visiting Indore July 2017

Here are some pics from my visit to Indore (hometown in India) in July 2017.
Mummy enjoying her favourite Mango flavoured ice-cream.
Nasira Baji (my eldest sister), Daddy and Mummy - a casual lunch at home. Nasira Baji is an excellent chef.
Mummy and Daddy enjoying Nasira Baji's cooking.
Daddy, Mummy and Me.
Nasira Baji (elder sis), Mummy and Daddy - visiting relatives.
Stopped by at an outdoor ice-cream shop after dinner.
Mummy and Nasira Baji (eldest sister) with Aunts.
Asif Uncle (Mummy's brother) and Mummy - visiting at his residence.
Osaf Uncle (Mummy's brother) and Mummy.
Visiting Iram's (family-friend's) home - Zain (my nephew), Khurram (Iram's bro), Aunty (Iram's mummy), Nasira Baji, Mummy and Daddy. Enjoying the Haleem dish prepared by Khurram's wife.
Nasira Baji - all smiles :)
Mummy and Nasira Baji.
Daddy, Mummy, Nasira Baji, Zain (my nephew).
Daddy, Mummy, Nasira Baji, and me.